In this chapter, I focus on the role of religion and spirituality in couple and family life. First, I review the empirical research on the growth-promoting function of religion and spiritual life among couples and families. Second, I describe the challenges and bene ts of managing diverse beliefs and practices that result from coupling and the joining of extended family systems, noting the impact those systems have on couples and families. ird, I discuss clinical implications of research. I highlight the role of religion and spirituality during major family life cycle transitions and the ways psychotherapists may work with clinically related issues that involve religion and spirituality. Fourth, I describe two spiritual assessment approaches that assist psychotherapists in working with couples and families to understand the relationship of religious and spiritual themes to family life. Fi! h, I present clinical strategies for working with couples and families’ religious and spiritual di erences, and I introduce interventions that use religious and spiritual beliefs and practices to enrich couple and family relationships. ese concepts are illustrated through the use of a case study that suggests

how psychotherapists may apply empirical research and clinical strategies in their work with clients for whom religion or spirituality are signi cant.