The Mediterranean region is one of the world’s most important tourist destinations. Due to its political, social, and economic fragmentation, this fact has partly escaped the awareness of potential markets. Nevertheless, the effects of tourism in terms of politics, economics, society, and environment are enormous not only for the Mediterranean region itself, but also for neighboring market areas. Due to economic and political differences between individual states, on the one hand, and the north-south divide, on the other, the entire region appears somehow unstable concerning economy and politics. This instability is also the reason for the lack of a clear overall prospective trend for the development of the MICE industry in the Mediterranean region. Awareness of the common grounds within the region, however, is growing, bearing enormous economic possibilities. The development of some parallel political and economic areas, such as the European Union (EU), facilitates further advancement of the region. Yet it also intensifies strong local and regional cultures, further exacerbating fragmentation.