This chapter starts with the words of a 13-year-old girl. She wrote this account of being cyberbullied as a participant in the Youth Voice Project, a research project conducted by Davis and Nixon (2010) in schools across the United States. More than 13,000 young people in grades 5-12 answered our questions in winter 2009-2010, about bullying and about what helps youth who are bullied. Here is this young woman’s story:

One of the girls at school who wasn’t really a friend but wasn’t not a friend [of mine either] said really mean things about one of my best friends, then told her i said them, and she made a fake email account from “me” and sent my friends mean emails from “me.” I am no[t] friends with either of these girls anymore. A lot of kids still believe i did all that so i don’t relate very well to the popular kids of school anymore.