Doing transdisciplinary gender studies is challenging. We propose discussing some of the challenges involved, and in particular we shall focus on gender studies grounded in a feminist perspective. More precisely, we will discuss gender studies in light of understandings of disciplines and related formations of knowledge, and we shall conceptualise transdisciplinary gender studies based on a critical assessment of conceptual and institutional aspects which shape the fi eld. We also suggest understanding transdisciplinarity as a refl exive way of dealing with disciplines, rather than a move against or beyond them. In the fi rst part of the chapter, we introduce our concept of transdisciplinarity in gender studies, in the context of ten years’ experience of a study programme in transdisciplinary gender studies at Humboldt University in Berlin (HU). We offer a discussion of the concept of disciplinarity in and for gender studies, as well as of the concept of interdisciplinarity and, eventually, transdisciplinarity.