Since 2006, the researcher has been aware of the diverse needs of ethnic minority students (EMSs) enrolled in Hong Kong schools. A research project aimed at examining educational provisions for EMSs at various levels of schooling offered the researcher an opportunity to meet EMSs and their teachers, and to listen to their stories and struggles. The research project made the researcher realize that various school participants, the government, and nongovernmental organizations must work more closely to meet the diverse needs of EMSs (i.e., to support their learning and to promote their welfare). The most recent Hong Kong census (2007) indicates that only 2% of the school-age population comes from diverse ethnic backgrounds, suggesting that Hong Kong remains predominantly a Chinese society. Most EMSs are Pakistanis, Indians, Nepalese, Indonesians, Filipinos, and Thais. All students should be valued equally in schools, and Hong Kong schools should cater to the diverse needs of students, regardless of their ethnic backgrounds (Education & Manpower Bureau, 2004a, 2004b; Education Commission, 2000). Hence, there is a need to collaborate with Hong Kong schools to explore various ways of promoting multicultural education.