In 1571, Francisco d’Hollanda (1518–1584) wrote a small thesis titled “Lembrança ao muyto Sereníssimo e Christianssimo Rey Dom Sebastiam: De quãto Serve a Sciencia do Desegno e Entendimento da Arte da Pintura, na Republica Christam Asi na Paz como na Guerra” (Memory to the Most Peaceful Christian King, Sebastian: How Much the Science of Desegno and the Comprehension of the Art of Painting is Worth, and How Useful It Is, in Times of Peace and War, for the Christian Republic) (Segurado 1970, 131–68). This essay was part of an album addressed to the King, and included a list of essential construction works for the city of Lisbon called A Fabrica que Falece à Cidade de Lisboa (The Works that the City of Lisbon needs) (d’Hollanda 1970a).