D The Front Nine I . When I was a teenager back in the early 1960s, I attended the Los Angeles Open. I followed Arnold Palmer around the course, and actually got to talk with him a number of times. On one hole, he drove deep into the rough. As he surveyed his next shot, there was a big tree and a long way between his ball and the hole. He walked down the fairway to check the location of the distant flag, and then came back. Standing about I 0 feet from him, I asked, "Mr. Palmer, where are you going to hit it?" He looked back and forth several times, and then replied, "In the hole." The ball did not go in on that shot, but it did wind up on the green, and I learned a useful lesson: It's a long day on the course if you don't know where the hole is . Have a specific goal and be purposeful on every stroke.