B.L.J. Kaczmarek Institute of Psychology, University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska, Lublin, Poland

The Russian psychologist Aleksander Romanovich Luria (1902-1977) contributed a number of most influential books to neuropsychology. His Traumatic Aphasia (1970), Higher Cortical Functions in Man (1980), and The Working Brain (1973a) include classic descriptions of his clinically based and influential theory on higher brain functions. However, his most popular works are two little books about two unique individuals. The Mind of a Mnemonist (1968) describes the neuropsychological function in a man with a very powerful memory and an unhappy life, who had not suffered from brain damage. The subject of this chapter, however, is the story of Lieutenant Zasetsky, a brain-damaged survivor of the World War II. His profound story is told in The Man With a Shattered World (1972/1975), largely by himself, but with interpretations by Luria.