Over the last two decades, a number of researchers have explored academic help seeking as an important predictor of student learning (e.g., Karabenick, 1998; Nadler, 1998; Nelson-Le Gall, 1992; Newman, 1990; Ryan, Pintrich, & Midgley, 2001; Webb & Mastergeorge, 2003). Much of this research focused on student help seeking within the context of a traditional classroom, as students seek help from other classmates and the teacher while completing individual assignments. Webb and her colleagues (e.g., Webb, 1982, 1991; Webb & Mastergeorge, 2003; Webb, Troper, & Fall, 1995) extended this work to investigate students’ helping behaviors in cooperative group contexts. This research has contributed to our understanding of how different types of help seeking and help giving relate to students’ learning when working in small groups.