Dr. Cheselka has offered the reader of this book a case that balances relational and intrapsychic factors which explain the patient, the therapy, and its successful conclusion. Her patient was a gifted singer, song writer, and musician who was afraid that he would not be able to fulfill his potential because of his family background (“negative genes,” negative early parenting, substance abuse, and dysfunction). He was also concerned about his tendency to manipulate and cheat people. His mother was sexually promiscuous, lonely, jealous, resentful, complaining, and accusing. His father was an off-and-on alcoholic, a problem that compromised his career substantially. The parents fought a lot. When his parents cut off the patient’s financial support at age 19, he was drinking and depressed and dropped out of school. He started to get back on his feet with the financial help of a friend. He married a musician, became less depressed, but stayed poor.