The photograph on the fly leaf of All my Sins Remembered (Bion 1985) shows Wilfred Bion reading a book, titled Plato. His widow’s claim in selecting this photograph appears to be an assertion of Bion’s erudition, and breadth of reading. Our volume of papers on various aspects of Bion’s interests which we are introducing goes along with Francesca Bion’s claim. It therefore also goes against O’Shaughnessy’s assessment:

Earlier in his book Bléandonu discusses Bion’s importing of terms from other disciplines to introduce new models through their penumbra of ‘other’ meaning. In this regard, I suspect Bléandonu may be a little too French in the degree of understanding he attributes to Bion of these ‘other’ fields, especially philosophy: such knowledge, I think, occurs more often in France than in specialist England.