The fourth, in the morning as soone as the day was light, we saw that it was good riding farther up. So we sent our Boate to sound, and found that it was a very good Harbour; and foure and five fathoms, two Cables length from the shoare. Then we weighed and went in with our ship. Then our Boate went on Land with our Net to Fish, and caught ten great Mullets, of a foot and a halfe long a peece, and a Ray as great as foure men could hale into the ship. So we trimmed our Boate and rode still all day. At night the wind blew hard at the North-west, and our Anchor came home, and we drove on shoare but tooke no hurt, thanked be God, for the ground is soft sand and O[o]ze. This day the people of the Countrey came aboord of us, seeming very glad of our coming, and brought green Tabacco, and gave us of it for Knives and Beads. They goe in Deere skins loose, well dressed. They have yellow Copper. They desire Cloathes, and are very civill. They have great store of Maiz or Indian Wheate, whereof they make good Bread. The Countrey is full of great and tall Oakes.