This chapter reports the findings about the total time spent on work by the secondary teachers. In addition to the time spent on work at school, it includes time spent on work away from school, in the evenings and at weekends. We might think of this as the ‘extensiveness’ of teachers’ work, in that we have been measuring the number of hours per week that teachers spend on their work. The cautions we have expressed in Chapter 1 (p. 20) about interpreting these figures should be borne in mind here. The findings are derived from the two studies of secondary teachers’ work which all used a similar methodology involving logging time on the specially devised Record of Teacher Time, outlined in Chapter 1. The data were collected over the period from the second half of the Autumn term 1990 to the end of the Spring term 1991. The data were therefore gathered over approximately fifteen term-time weeks, equivalent to 40 per cent of the teaching year. The samples had different characteristics and we provide brief details here before presenting the general findings.