The last chapter started with one teacher reflecting on the final conference organized by the project team at Easter 1974, and recollecting her sudden sense of the project being over. Feelings of aggression towards the 'other' strategies faded, to some extent, as all the teachers present faced the common problem of ending. Feelings of irritation with the project team for not bringing it all together in one final, satisfying set of conclusions generated a mood of almost desperate independence:

It's time we stopped hiding our light under a bushel and instead of waiting for somebody at the top to say to us: 'We believe you have been doing so and so; would you like to talk about it?' we should start going to teachers' centres and local education authorities and say: 'I've got the expertise' - and we have got a certain amount of expertise - 'Are you going to use me?' It's time we started to advertise what we've got ourselves.