The Archaeology of Knowledge and in Discipline and Punish, to identify Orientalism. It is hegemony, or rather the result of cultural hegemony at work, that gives Orientalism the durability and the strength. Orientalism is-and does not simply represents considerable dimension of modern political-intellectual culture, and as such has less to do with the Orient than it does with our world. This chapter have been able to put to use the humanistic and political concerns for the analysis and description of a very worldly matter, the rise, development, and consolidation of Orientalism. Too often literature and culture are presumed to be politically, even historically innocent; and certainly the study of Orientalism has convinced, that society and literary culture can only be understood and studied together. That anti-Semitism discussed it in its Islamic branch, Orientalism resembles each other is a historical, cultural, and political truth that needs only to be mentioned to an Arab Palestinian for its irony to be perfectly understood.