When Aphrodite tells Helen to go to Paris’ bed after he has lost his duel with Menelaos, Helen refuses (Il. 3.410–412):

κϵȋσϵ δ' ἐγὼν oὐκ ϵ[ENTITY]μι—νϵμϵσσητòν δέ κϵν ϵἵη— κϵίνou πoρσανἑoνσα λέχoς· Tρῳαι δϵ μ' ὀπίσσω π[ENTITY]σαι μωμήσoνται· ἔχω δ' ἅχϵ' ἅκριτα θνμῷ.

I am not going to him—it would arouse nemesis— to share his bed. The Trojan women hereafter would all reproach me, and I have endless sorrows in my heart.