Ras Abaruk (Qatar) and Al Markh (Bahrain) are undoubtedly of later date (Oates 1978,44), the pottery in many ways resembling that from the Hut Sounding (fig. 22; Roaf 1976: fig. 7). Also found in the later levels of the Hut Sounding are the very distinctive banded jar rims (e.g. Safar et al. 1981, fig. 130:31, level V and fig. 132:39, 42, level II) which are characteristic of the very latest Ubaid pottery at Warka and Ras Abaruk (de Cardi 1978, fig. 4:2-4). It is in relation to this postUbaid 4 or Terminal Ubaid' phase that the recent publication of the Hut Sounding material is perhaps of greatest value, in providing for the first time its stratigraphic confirmation.