This chapter looks at the phenomenon of hybridity of youth identities in the situation of local, linguistic/cultural minorities struggling to retain francophone identity within the discursive context of global hegemony of the English language. Many francophone minority youth in Canada refuse a singular francophone identity and instead reproduce themselves as hybrids, claiming both francophone and anglophone subjectivities. In explaining that they are ‘English too’, these young people situate themselves within the larger anglophone majority and portray themselves as ‘true’ Canadians. They not only speak both offi cial languages but also identify with both French and English language communities. They even insist on this dual affi liation when discussing their sense of self in the context of youth games meant to foster francophone pride. To examine the hybridity of these minority youth and the discursive contexts in which they make sense of who and what they are, this chapter summarizes the fi ndings of a comparative ethnography of three francophone youth games.