Society). 1842 Farmers’ Club formed. Superphosphate patented. 1843 Rothamsted experimental station founded. Introduction of clay drainage

pipes aided under-draining. 1845 Royal Agricultural College at Cirencester founded. 1849-53 One of worst agricultural crises of the century (exacerbated by bad

harvests in 1848, 1850, 1852 and 1853). 1851 Introduction of reaping machine. 1872 Peak acreage of tillage (9.6m acres). Declined to 6.5m by 1913. National

Agricultural Labourers Union established. 1878 Foundation of English Jersey Cattle Society. 1879 Introduction of mechanical separators for milk (followed by gradual use

of milking machines in 1880s). 1882 Discovery of the bacillus of bovine TB. 1886 Measures to control anthrax introduced. 1889 Establishment of new Board of Agriculture. 1907 Establishment of the National Cattle Breeders’ Association. 1908 Formation of Lincolnshire Farmers Union (rapidly developed into

National Farmers Union). 1909 Establishment of British Friesian Cattle Society. 1910 Introduction of King Edward potato variety. 1921 Ministry of Agriculture created from Board of Agriculture.