There has been a flourishing of interest in a variety of issues relating to small businesses in tourism over recent years. This has resulted in the organisation of international conferences dedicated to the theme, the creation of formal research networks and there have been a number of books and articles published. Yet, this area of inquiry is vastly under-researched; though somemay protest, the depth of our knowledge of the dynamics of smaller enterprises in tourism and how they articulate with the economy and society remains relatively shallow. There is, however, room for optimism. The chapters that follow provide valuable access to understanding some key issues. Though the research focus of particular chapters and the methods of investigation vary according to the interests of commentators, and they undertake work in different national settings, some common themes begin to emerge. As is explored more towards the end of this chapter, the contributions to this volume help provide insights into owner-manager motivations and business practices, and their potential contribution to social and economic development goals. Some conventional wisdom is undermined by the insights afforded in this book.