The choice of lens angle and resulting composition should not be accidental unless there is no alternative camera position. The internal space of a shot often underlines the emotional quality of the scene. ‘Normal’ perspective for establishing shots is often used where the intention is to plainly and straightforwardly describe the locale. A condensed or an expanded space on the other hand may help to suggest the mood or atmosphere of the action. A long lens positioned at a distance from a cramped interior will heighten the claustrophobia of the setting. Subject size ratios will be evened out from foreground to background and movement to and away from camera will show no significant change in size and therefore give a subjective impression that no distance has been traversed. A wide-angle lens close to the subject will increase space, emphasize movement and depending on shot content, emphasize convergence of line and accentuate the relative size of same size figures at different distances from the lens.