Next Generation Network (NGN) is the title that has to been given to a range of network capabilities aimed at updating and converging many present-day networking capabilities. Such existing network capabilities include:

• Mobile networks • Fixed networks • The PSTN • ISDN • Internet linkage

Because of the emphasis on convergence, in some circles the development is referred to as the “Converged Network.” However, this term is often being used within individual industry initiatives. For NGN to be a complete success it will need to adopt pan-European and preferably full global deployment. For this reason common standards will be needed. Already, there are a number of standards bodies involved in such developments under the banner of “NGN”; further, in this chapter a summary of some of the present activities (at the time of writing) is provided. A major feature of the convergence to be provided by NGN is based on the deployment of a common transport infrastructure. This transport will be built on IP technology. However, in a number of respects this emphasis on the common IP network infrastructure, and the term “NGN” itself, has led to a number of present industry confusions.