This volume has emerged from connections formed at a series of symposia and meetings which took place from 1999 onwards. The symposia were organised in order to encourage discussion and development of research in the area of arts marketing. Although arts marketing as an area of academic research has been developing for a number of years, literature in the area is still limited to a relatively narrow range of books and journal articles. This book is an attempt to build on existing literature by focusing on a number of areas of the arts and examining the development of marketing activity in these areas. There are many similarities as well as peculiarities between the organisation of marketing in these various art forms. These activities are informed by the requirement to address the needs of a variety of stakeholders including artists, funders, shareholders, policy makers and the general public. Although this volume is not exhaustive, we have tried to include a range of art forms in order to present a broad picture of the development of marketing within the arts.