Tourism Management Dynamics also provides an insight into the future management techniques and tools that will be utilized in the tourism industry in order for tourism organizations and destinations to address the emerging trends. This edited publication has been written by some of the most renowned tourism academics and researchers who, based on empirical evidence, analyse past trends, describe the state of the art and provide vision for the future of tourism as it is emerging around the globe. As shown in Figure 1.1, an understanding of the demand and supply trends, as demonstrated in Tourism Business Frontiers, is leading to an appreciation of the emerging realities in the marketplace. Tourism Management Dynamics explores the most significant trends on the external environment, while a number of managerial techniques and tools that will enable tourism organizations to address these challenges are explored. The focus of this

book is therefore geared towards explaining the significance of those external environment trends that will shape the future and also towards identifying and discussing suitable management instruments for the future.