In January 2014, General Electric (GE) Healthcare set itself the goal of using the Industrial Internet for reforming healthcare informatics. To achieve this goal, the company needed 180 additional highly talented Java software developers in Hungary – in a country where there are 10,000 open IT job positions. GE Healthcare, therefore, in cooperation with the creative agency, Laboratory Group, launched its most ambitious recruiting campaign of the year. In the first part of the case study, we present a general picture of the socio-economic situation in Hungary. Next, we highlight the most important macro-level country characteristics (labour law, labour market dynamics and characteristics of the national culture) that affect corporate HRM practices on the micro-level. In the third part of the case study we examine the market entrance of a US subsidiary – GE – to Hungary and subsequent developmental steps undertaken by this subsidiary. The fourth part of this case deals with the presentation of the selection method by which software developers were recruited.