Nowadays food scientists are focused on the development of products that have long storage life and are not only microbiologically safe but at the same time, these products must also have fresh-like characteristics and high quality in taste, flavour and texture. This is the requirement of the consumers, and it has become one of the major areas of research in the so-called emerging technologies for food science. Traditionally, thermal treatments have been used for a long time to produce safe food products. Pasteurization of juice, milk, beer and wine is a common process, where the final product can gain a long storage life of some weeks under 272refrigeration. Although it is known that vitamins, taste, colour, and other sensorial characteristics are decreased with such treatment. High temperature is responsible for causing these effects. It is observed that in the loss of nutritional components and changes in flavour, taste and texture, it often creates the need for additives to improve the quality of a product. Thus, one of the main challenges in food science today is to develop new technologies that can ensure high-quality properties and long storage life of food simultaneously.