Housing is essential and is a basic need of settlement for people. However, the rapid development of housing sector is now fallen into the constrained level of the life cycle. The crisis of imbalance among the environment, social and economy elements had caused the rise of vicious circle to the human life. The effect of this alarming phenomenon is urgently needed for transitioning into Sustainability Loop of the lifecycle. The transformation of development cycle not only for the sake of environment and social aspects, but to deliver economical sound of housing which are benign to people and the whole picture of the development. The objectives of this chapter can be divided into two segments of the component. The first objective is to investigate the mechanisms for the attainment of sustainability development in housing sector from the economical spectrum point of views. In fact, the doctrine of ‘sustainable development’ was acquired from a discipline in economics. Eventually, economic growth is the main concern of people but yet environmental sustainability will give the direct impact on economic development. Finally, the second objective is to establish a theoretical framework for attaining sustainable housing development by incorporating Sustainability Management System into project delivery methods.