This chapter introduces the two main fields of application of risk analysis for level crossings and gives a short overview of the working process:

To select appropriate protection technologies

To determine technical safety targets

For better understanding of special requirements of level crossings, Section 30.2 shows the basic features of this intersection between railways and roads. It presents the most important risks and gives essential definitions and distinguishing features of safety technologies. For the selection of appropriate protection technologies (especially the type of protection), we need to pay special attention to the risks resulting from the human error of the road users. For this, we need to model the environmental conditions of rail traffic and human behavior. Section 30.3 describes this application scenario. When determining the technical safety targets, we more strongly focus on how the protection systems work and which characteristics they can have. Risks from technical defects are described in Section 30.4. Section 30.5 gives conclusion and outlook to possible extensions.