fib Model Code 2010 has introduced various methodologies for treating durability design as a whole of life requirement. The Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA) committee on durability has used the Model Code as a background for producing seven recommended practice notes that detail many of the requirements for ensuring durability is achieved by appropriate action from the planning stage through design, construction, maintenance, restoration to decommissioning. This paper shows how these various documents build to provide a whole of life durability approach. It covers deemed to satisfy requirements applicable to all concrete structure types based on standard input parameters for design life, reliability and exposure. The series includes details on project planning and good practice which if followed will increase the likelihood that the specification, design detailing and construction will be optimal to achieving the developer and community expectations regarding the long term performance of concrete structures. Also included are methods for modelling, degradation over time and crack control design. Thus the series provides what is described as a unified durability design process.

The durability series provides the required guidelines in seven documents.