ABSTRACT: In this report, we analyzed the potential of Eu3+ doped Gd2Ti2O7 nanopowders for the luminescence thermometry. Gd2Ti2O7 powders doped with 5 at% Eu3+ ions were prepared using Pechini-type polymerized complex route. Sample was investigated for luminescent thermometry over the temperature ranges from 303 - 423 K with fluorescence intensity ratio (FIR) method. Luminescent spectra recorded in range from 400 - 650 nm discovered two distinct spectral regions: the high-energy region associated with the trap emission of the Gd2Ti2O7 host and the low-energy region with well-resolved emission peaks of the Eu3+ ions. FIR is determined using trap emission from host and one emission band from Eu3+ ion in Gd2Ti2O7. The relative sensitivity varies over the 303-423 K temperature range, and has maximum value of 0.558 % K-1 at 303 K.