In 1989, I edited a book, Biogeography of the West Indies: Past, Present, and Future , based on a symposium held at the University of Florida March 2–5, 1987. This volume included contributions from 50 colleagues, and I attempted to make the book as comprehensive as possible. The book sold out quickly and has been out of print for many years. We discussed reprinting the book because demand has remained great; however, the field of West Indian biogeography is changing so rapidly, especially with the widespread use of molecular systematics and the availability of new fossil evidence, that a simple revision of the original volume seemed a missed opportunity. I decided instead to completely revise and reorganize the original volume into a new book with many new contributions. A few of the original chapters, such as the chapters on West Indian manatees, West Indian butterflies, and the status of introduced mongoose, remain, although they have been extensively revised and modified. The authors of these chapters are the leading authorities on their subjects and the sources of most of the recent contributions in their fields. However, in almost all other cases new chapters and new contributors are included.