The main purpose of this chapter is to gain more knowledge and completely understand, analyze on how useful the big data is, and how technology becomes a necessity for an individual, especially for an organization to learn in this modern/technology era. The Internet era had created a huge amount of data available to an individual or any organization in the world. These data are considered as big data, which comprises databases that is huge to be managed by outdated database systems. Structured and unstructured data are included in big data. Those data are formatted and unformatted, respectively. Structured data are used in database management, whereas unstructured data are used for all types, such as social media and multimedia. Sensors and actuators are the other types of data that are embedded in an object.

Technology has developed and shaped the human life and it plays an important role in almost all aspects of modern life. In many countries, technology has become one of the important drivers of the economy. 94This chapter focuses on big data that can create a technopreneur and the nature of research is a qualitative design of a secondary research and the data were collected through observation notes, Google reflection essays, journals, and books. This chapter begins with a quick introduction on technopreneurs, a data management system, and big data, which is followed by literature review, some important open issues, result and discussion of big data. Conclusion and recommendation are also presented in the last section of the chapter.