In order to understand the depth of managing online learning, this chapter will be discussing the comparison of these three terms: big data, social network, and cloud computing. Meanwhile, it also focuses on the benefits of online learning, reviewing both the positive and negative impacts on users and businesses involved when making online learning as their platform to perform better. The competition between organizations to prove that they are better than the other has become savage, and they need to be on top in order to be noticed by consumers. Hence, the competitions for every business to achieve the lowest cost and at the same time ensuring that their product quality are at the standard required can also be reached easily by making the use of technology. This is when training the staff is very crucial. Therefore, this chapter will be discussing by the use of online learning and how to manage it using big data, social networks, and cloud computing. The authors also decided to do survey based on the use of online learning 230in Brunei and comparisons to other countries, which will be discussed in Results and Discussion section. As for the discussion, there will also be the impact—the positive and negative effects in using online learning.