Social media has been become one of the largest platforms on the Internet for people to interact with each other. It can be used as a platform to further connect with consumers. Social media means any form of websites or applications that allows users to create and share information actively or to participate in social networking. People, including students, use social media in all sorts of different ways. One of the growing trends in social media is to start a business online, a form of e-commerce, whereby the social media can serve as a platform or an online retail store for certain products. With the emergence and evolution of the smartphones that are equally competitively produced by Apple, Samsung, mobile phones have become one of the most globally popular social media platforms that provide various service of communication. The power of social networking is very interesting, as it not only serves as a platform for networking with others, but it can also be used as a hub for educational learning. In business practices, companies are able to make use of social media to reach out and connect with their customers in order to ensure consumers of their products maintain a sense of loyalty. Social media consists of unlimited data, called by big data. Big data is defined as a cultural, technological, 2and scholarly phenomenon that rests on the interplay of technology and analysis and mythology. These three concepts are linked together when technology maximizes the computation power and algorithmic accuracy to gather, analyze, link and compare large data sets. Analysis works in a way that it draws large data sets to identify the patterns in order to make economic, social, technical, and legal claim. It is a widespread myth that large data sets offer a higher form of intelligence and knowledge that can generate insights that were previously impossible, with the aura of truth, objectivity, and accuracy. This study emphasized the effect of big data and social media issues for organization redesign of business processes and reengineering.