Marketing represents an ever-growing field of professionals, and a substantial portion of many corporate budgets. Why is it so increasingly important? A company must promote itself to individuals identified as a good fit for the product. Thus, marketers position the message and branding of a company to closely align with those that would be interested and driven to do business with the company. Marketing professionals must relentlessly review data to confirm how well their message is received by their target group. Understanding the success of a marketing campaign allows a company to keep building upon a success, or pivot if the message is powerless. The field of marketing may illustrate the benefits of cloud computing more than any other area of business. Cloud computing has contributed to feats that simply 88weren’t possible for most businesses, from a marketing standpoint. Using cloud technologies, marketers can develop more effective campaigns to promote their products to prospective buyers, and return an enormous amount of data to understand the potency of their message amongst a target audience (Jeknic and Kraut, 2015).