As a highly toxic element, arsenic (As) contamination of groundwater causes challenging environmental and health concerns worldwide. Carbonate system has a significant effect on the migration and transformation of trace elements in groundwater. In this study, we do batch adsorption (isothermal, kinetic adsorption) experiments of arsenic with the synthesized calcite. And some characterization methods were employed. The results show that: (1) the adsorption capability was affected by the initial con-centration of arsenic, (2) The adsorption of As(V) on calcite was a comparatively fast reaction within the first 10 h, and when the reaction time reached 72 h, it seemed to have reached a balanced state of sorption and desorption. The research results could help in enriching the scientific understanding of the environmental behavior of synthesized calcite, with great theoretical and practical significance for the further study of the interaction with arsenic in carbonate system and environment.