Arsenic in drinking water should be reduced as much as possible, because it is amongst carcinogenic substances. Ferro Sorp® Plus, Huijbergen and Spannenburg GIH could reduce As(V) levels in Ouddorp water below the desired 1 µg L−1. Particularly Huijbergen GIH had according to non-linear Freundlich modeling the higher KF value, translating into a potentially higher effective adsorption capacity. One of the characteristics that probably determines the success of a GIH is its physical properties. Since the effective adsorption capacity increases with higher initial As(V) concentrations, Huijbergen GIH is a promising adsorbent to reduce a wide range of arsenic concentrations from drinking water. Therefore, this affordable technology is not only reducing ultra-low arsenic concentrations to even lower concentrations in Ouddorp water but is also promising for developing countries that are seriously affected by high concentrations of arsenic in their drinking water.