Arsenic (As) concentrations of 4.8 to 27.5 µg L−1 have been detected in wastewater of gold mines in southern Ecuador (Portovelo) thus there is a need of applying remediation techniques to avoid superficial and groundwater contamination. In this study we have prepared a technosol composed by a ferric soil collected in the mining area and multicomponent nanoparticles synthetized using sodium borohydride and orange peel extract as co-reductants. The sorption capacity of the technosol was experimentally characterized using sorption isotherms. Langmuir model fits the experimental results and its parameters such as maximum sorption capacity and adsorption bond energy are 71185 mg kg−1 7.50 kg mg−1, respectively. Based on these preliminary results, it seems that the as-prepared technosol will be a cheap cost solution for capturing arsenic from the mine drainage water.