In this work arsenic adsorption in aqueous systems is studied onto copper based ternary metal oxide (Cu-Al-Fe) nano adsorbents. In vibrational spectroscopy analysis, various As-O and As-OH related stretching vibrations were observed in 800–850 cm−1 band. Adsorption kinetics study is observed with Pseudo Second Order (PSO) model and Freundlich model is observed for adsorption isotherms. Quantitative studies infer better As(III) adsorption in basic conditions and better As(V) adsorption in acidic conditions. XPS study of individual As(3d) spectra observed with multiplet peak behavior attributed various arsenic signals. In adsorbed systems significant proportions of As(0) signals are observed around 10 at.% for both As(III) and As(V) systems in pH 7 condition. Active redox behavior of Cu-Al-Fe resulted in better As(III) mitigation effect ability.