Natural clay materials are considered effective and perspective sorbents for economical end ecological reasons. In general, aluminosilicates are not selective sorbents for anionic contaminants thanks to a low pH (ZPC). Their simple surface pre-treatment with Fe (II) can significantly change the surface charge and thus strongly improve the affinity to anionic contaminants. This work deals with a sorption of toxic arsenic, antimony and selenium oxyanions on calcinated, Fe-modified, kaolin. The natural kaolin calcinated at 550°C was treated by rehydroxylation in autoclave with 0.6 M solution of FeCl2. The concentration of initial As/Sb/Se solutions was 2·10−4 M. The main result of this work is the comparison of sorption efficiency and sorption capacity of modified sorbent from the point of view of the rehydration time and the type of oxyanionic particle.