A hydroponic experiment was conducted to explore the effects of foliar application of silicon on the uptake and translocation of As(III) and DMA in rice. The result showed that the ratio of foliar application of Si concentration and the As concentration in the solution at 100:1 decreased significantly arsenic concentrations in the phloem sap and the rice shoots. However, when DMA supplied, Si/As ratio at 200:1 increased significantly arsenic and silicon concentrations in rice phloem (P < 0.05). In addition, there was a positive correlation between arsenic concentrations and silicon concentration in rice phloem (R = 0.856, P < 0.01, n = 12). Regardless of whether As(III) or DMA was supplied to rice, foliar application of low concentration of silicon (Si/As at 100:1) could decrease arsenic concentration and translocation in rice seedlings.