Fullerene-based micro/nanomaterials have attracted special interest because of their unique chemical and physical properties and their possible application in the fields of materials and medical sciences. One of directions that we consider is the possibility of using fullerene-based micro/nanomaterials in the context of photovoltaics, which aims at the conversion of solar energy into electricity. Recently, the construction of multicomponent hybrid nanomaterials based on crystal engineering has emerged as promising alternative way to create multifunctional nanomaterials. Since fullerene acts as a good electron acceptor, functionalizing fullerene-based micro/nanomaterials with an electron donor are expected to lead to the development of novel multifunctional 248fullerene hybrid nanomaterials. In this chapter, we describe recent advances and current directions in preparation and application of multicomponent hybrid nanomaterials that are built on fullerene-based nanomaterials.