Information or data are the core of any organization or system. For effective functioning of the organization or system, the information must be secured against any kind of attack or breach. Nowadays, network-based services have taken over the internet, generating huge amounts of information at any one time. The processing of such huge amounts of data requires the employment of intelligent tactics, which can provide rapid accessing in a secure way. Defining an efficient security model involves various objectives that need to be satisfied, namely data confidentiality, data integrity and data availability, known as the CIA triad for short. The CIA triad helps users to develop security measures or policies that can offer strong protection for sensitive data without hindering organizational activities. Today, a lot of money is spent on maintaining information databases as they contain a lot of sensitive information relating to such things as personal data, legal documents, banking details and national defense programs. A breach in such an information system can allow hackers or attackers to gain access to all those data in a single blow. Hence, it is essential for any organization to implement strong security policies or security measures to protect its data from any kind of attack or security breach.138