The work presented here takes part of a global analysis of the seismic vulnerability of the baroque churches and chapels in the high valleys of French Savoy (Limoge-Schraen, Giry, Desprez, & Ragueneau 2015). Any damage to these structures is irreversible because even identically rebuilt, they lose their historical value. In addition, as shown by the current vulnerability assessment methods (DPCM 2011), churches have inherent fragility characteristics and present numerous difficulties. Their complexe histories led to geometric changes and variable loads. In addition much of these heritage structures consist of vernacular architecture, made of rustic materials with low mechanical properties. To characterize the masonry is a complex task, even with a major investment (Valluzzi, Porto, & Modena 2003). In addition, any work on a historic building is subjected to international protecting rules, even for characterization tests (ICOMOS 2003). Finally, the studied buildings are often deteriorated.