ABSTRACT: Budgeting from the 3D model is dependent on the cooperation between 3D design applications and the budget application. For an automated budgeting system from the 3D model to the budget application, it is necessary to ensure the mutual interoperability of both applications. In Slovakia, separate applications are used and completing data transfer is complicated. System of data transmission using data standards IFCxml was used, but data transmission is dependent on price-list database TSKP (Classification of building structures and works). Therefore it is not possible to automate the process of estimating for these structures. For this reason, semi-automated approach for budgeting from the 3D CAD application to the budget applications was developed. The paper explains own semiautomatic approach to budgeting from 3D CAD applications with demonstration of the cost estimating procedure on specific elements included in modern methods of construction that are not in the price-list database.