A long time ago, in the twilight months of the last century, Joy was referred to me for therapy. Joy was in her mid forties, a mother of a 10-year-old daughter. She was physically healthy, but very depressed. She was in the throes of a very complicated and tumultuous divorce and had moved out of her home. Joy’s father was in the chemical industry and was very successful. She was very attached to her father and dependent on him. She joined the family business, and as the company developed she was given more responsibility. Later she became the company director. However, the business eventually was forced to close down, because of government cutbacks. Joy was now financially troubled, with creditors continually threatening her. At this stage she became very anxious. Anxiety was soon replaced by depression, with symptoms of sadness, listlessness, weight loss, and sleeping problems becoming more and more evident. She devalues herself and there was suicidal ideation. This is when she consulted with me.