The need of an integrated approach on disaster risk science has been recognized since the early stages of the international agenda on Disaster Risk Reduction. Nonetheless, although natural hazards and vulnerability investigations have been benefited from multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research, the need to move towards transdisciplinary disaster risk research has been proved to be a major conundrum. Particularly, most of the work on landslides has been undertaken from a discipline-focused approach, especially in the physical, earth sciences and engineering fields. To a lesser extent investigations have been carried out from a social science perspective, whereas Integrated Research on Landslide Disaster Risk (IRELANDIR) is practically non-existing. This paper is an attempt to raise awareness of the necessity to enhance IRELANDIR frameworks as a clear opportunity to bridge the gap between science, policy making and practice, involving the corresponding integration and co-production of reliable and effective knowledge to build sustainable developed territories.