In Algeria, experience shows that the main cause of the landslides is the combination of several passive and active factors, as geology, morphology, hydrology, climate and anthropic activities. These landslides are displacing an important volume of detritus, and causing damages to infrastructures, housing and public facilities. This paper describes two case studies of landslides triggered by rainfall, unfavourable geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical conditions and human causes. The first one, occurred in November 2004 after a period of heavy rainfall and caused the collapse of a section of the road and a retaining wall of about 30 meters, located at Sidi-Bennour about twenty kilometres from Algiers. The second one, located at Bordj Bounaama about 250 kilometres South-West of Algiers in Tissemsilt region, caused the collapse of a stadium and the surrounding wall of the gymnasium and tilting of a retaining wall under the earth pressure.