In the northeastern sector of the Ionian Sea, offshore of Taranto coast, there is an impressive landslide. This landslide, named Taranto Landslide, has an estimated volume of 0.30 km3, and it is larger than other landslides identified across the Apulian slope. The Taranto Landslide is classified as a slide; the headwall is at a depth of 370 m, the toe is at a depth of 900 m, for a total length of about 9 km. The sediment accumulation area, starting from a depth of 570 m and ending at a depth of 900 m, is due to processes of rapid emplacement. The landslide tsunamigenic potential has been assessed by empirical calculation assuming a mass translation of the involved sediments, the height of the wave that could be generated is about 1.75 m. Values of this magnitude are potentially dangerous for coastal infrastructures.