The Tamins landslide has been overlooked in the past in favour of the neighbouring famous Flims Rockslide. However, since the Tamins landslide is assumed to have influenced the Flims event, it is necessary to investigate Tamins in more detail to understand not only its own behavior but also its role in the evolution of the Vorder Rhine Valley. This paper, one of the few focused on the Tamins event, presents preliminary results of a new investigation of this landslide. Within this study, geomorphological, lithological, structural and photogrammetric analyses were conducted using remote sensing and field data. The main focus of this study was the investigation of geomorphological and tectonic controls and preconditions on Tamins, emphasizing the source zone of the mass movement. The depletion area’s parabolic cross-section and the structures bounding this event highlight these controls. A verification of former investigations was also part of this study.